are birth playlists weird? and other thoughts.

i'm new to this whole thing, seeing as how i've yet to push a child through the eye of a needle. (strange Bible joke...too weird?)

what i mean is that i've never given birth. so i only have the birth stories posted on blogland and the stories shared by older and wiser friends to go on...and the consensus seems to be that birth playlists are a thing.

is it weird to make my midwife suffer through my compiled list of favorite songs?

in any case, i might as well be prepared with some songs all on one easy-to-find playlist.

here's what i'm adding so far:

1// the whole cd of season one by all sons and daughters
2// my portion and my strength by ellie holcomb. and probably lots of others.
3// this cd by jenny and tyler
4// all of jon foreman's solo albums. (what?! birth might be HOURS!)
5// probably some good little giants

what are your music suggestions? i'm thinking the folksy, chill music will be pretty calming. not so calming are the "relaxation" cds that came with my natural childbirthing books for labor preparation--some freaky lady's voice telling me to breathe deeply while a synth rages on in the background? no, thank you.

also, i read on someone's birth story that they watched comedies during labor (or had them going in the background?), and i think that's perfect when my playlist is frustratingly chill. is that weirder than playing my own songlist during labor? the wedding ringer is pretty hysterical. and along a similar genre (not), home alone. what's the funniest movie you've ever seen?

and now for a random picture of my 37-week baby bump and my triple chin:

if you're still reading my rambles at this point, gracias. and now tell me a funny movie so the poor music-ed out midwife isn't stuck listening to home alone playing in the background.

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