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Last week, I shared the kitchen, dining and living rooms at this new house. Today is MUCH less exciting because it's our undecorated bedrooms! And the playroom, which I plan on sprucing up, too. Our old house has stilllll not sold yet (prayers that that would happen quickly would be much appreciated!), so the home decor budget is still $0.

I'm thinking of this as the "before" for this house--we haven't painted anything (whyyyy did the previous owner paint the WHOLE house cream and not gray??), and there's nothing hung on the bedroom walls. With that said, I love that Emma and Aiden are getting to use the bunk bed set my best friends from high school had when they were growing up! My friends were moving and their family wanted to get rid of the bunk beds, so they kindly gave them to us...before I ever had Aiden! We figured we'd have more than one kid and would eventually use bunk beds, plus then we could have a "guest room" twin bed. So for the longest time, the top bunk was disassembled and stored in the old house basement!

The day we moved in, Devin's dad put the whole set of bunk beds together, including running to Home Depot to get extra bunking pieces that somehow got lost along the way. (He's a master carpenter so I totally trusted him to get the right things and put the beds together! I would NOT have trusted myself to do that job, pregnant or not! haha!)

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In our room, I'm looking forward to adding a makeup table of some sort (this?), bedside tables/shelves, getting curtains, and hanging things on the walls! Also see that load of unfolded laundry? Just keeping it real. 😉 

What updates/changes are you looking to make in your space? Are you like me and hate committing to hanging things on walls?!

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