Currently | August 2019

I used to do these posts every single month (check out this gem from 2016 when Aiden was a newborn!) and recently I've been behind on sharing these fun snapshots of what life looks like these days. With it being summer, my main goal is still to get outside and do something with friends every day, and even with this oppressive Philadelphia-area humidity, we've been making that happen! This morning we ventured to Morris Arboretum (a place I recommend in my list of things to do with kids in the Philly area) and I literally sweat through my bra, but the kids had such a great time running around their trails and gardens that it was for sure worth it. Thank you, Anne, for hosting the currently linkup!

Here's what else we've been up to currently:

These nonspill tumbers (affiliate link). I am forever on the search for nonspill cups for the kids, because so far everythingg I've tried eventually lets me down. So far, these adorable tumblers are a win! (And a speech therapist friend said that the sturdy straws help young kids develop mouth muscles used in talking!)

Arrested Development. Is anyone else into re-watching sitcoms? Devin and I watch an episode (or 5) a night, and it's really fun to sit and let our brains get a break from the heavy conversations of parenting and "what else can we do to get our house to sell." We also restarted our Movie Mondays now that the Bachelorette is over!

I'm ready to start making soups and chilis and NO IT'S NOT BECAUSE I'M ALSO PRETENDING IT'S FALL AND PUMPKIN SPICE COFFEE IS APPROPRIATE IN AUGUST. It's because I'm lazy and I love a good soup. I gave creative summer salads my best shot and, probably because I hate cooking, easy soups and chilis in a slow cooker is REALLY where I'm gonna shine. This tortellini soup is on our meal plan for this week and my girl Christina's slow cooker white chicken chili will be next week!

How do people style long hair? I'm trying to grow mine out (which you can see here), but unless I lock it down in a side braid (oops, do I look Amish?) or in a (very heavy) messy bun on top of my head, it looks crazy out of control. And I refuse to use heat to style it every day! Should I use different product in it? Should I give up and chop it off?!

How Aiden and Emma talk to each other in their bunk beds (and I creepily listen in via baby monitor!). I already mentioned it here, but the 3.5 year old and almost-2-year-old stage is SO DANG SWEET. (And in between the sweet moments I admittedly am teaching Aiden not to chase her if she says she doesn't want to play that game! Haha!)

So what have you been up to lately?! I want to hear from you!

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