currently // february 2016

it's wild that 4 weeks ago my currently looked so vastly different--i was suuuuper pregnant, about to finish up my time as a teacher, and wondering if i could still bathe my huge dog in the bathtub with my pregnant belly in the way (i couldn't). so much has changed in a month!

disclaimer: none of this is valentinesy, since my current stage is "i've got a newborn and now life revolves around him #sorrynotsorry." you can put up with that, right?

sending: thank-you notes to devin's parents' next-door neighbor. she has a 2-year-old boy, and she's given us  B A G S  of clothes and a bassinet. because her son was also born in the winter, all the sizes line up with the seasons (a.k.a. all the newborn onesies are for the winter, 6-month-old sized things are more summery, etc.)

eating: amazing meals brought to us by our generous, thoughtful, incredible Bible study friends from church! we haven't had to cook once since coming home from the hospital. our community really is the best.

dreaming: not very much since i now sleep in 3-4 hour stretches. those midnight nursing hours are so sweet, so i wouldn't trade them for all the peaceful, dream-laden sleep in the world.

smelling: aiden's little head. that baby smell. gets ya every time.

hearting: the moments where i get to watch devin be a dad. one time when aiden was crying (which is rare!), devin started reading to him from malachi in the Bible, and aiden quieted right down! devin's hands span most of his tiny little body, and hearing dev sing "Jesus loves me" to him...i've shed a few tears, i'll admit.

what have you been up to currently? 

i'm excited to join jenna and anne for this month's "currently" link-up!

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