5 valentine's day gifts for guys

thank you, caseapp, for the chance to review your products! i'm happy to share my honest thoughts on it. 

i give terrible gifts. (can i start a gift-related post with that confession?) i try hard to think of something thoughtful, but finding "that perfect gift" is not my strength. and by "not my strength" i really mean it's a huge weakness.

valentine's day is less than a week away, so usually i'd start my brainstorming....a few days from now. i'm the well-meaning, last-minute type of gift-giver. it's not enough that i'm bad at giving gifts, but i'm also always running late to start thinking of ideas.

but not this year! here are my top 5 suggestions. 

caseapp case for the tech guy: this amazing site lets you make a custom iphone case (or samsung galaxy case!) and custom laptop skin using your own pictures (or you could make a graphic design). i used this picture of the philly skyline that devin took from the...15th?...floor of his construction site to make a laptop skin (and by laptop skin i mean vinyl stick-on that doesn't leave a sticky residue behind!). you can get 20% off your order with code AHOPEFUL20, and head over to my instagram to enter to win a $40 credit to caseapp! (most of their products are $20-30, so $40 would go a long way!! and it only took 3 days to ship!)

cd for the music-loving guy: does your guy have a long drive to work? a cd could be a really practical gift! i recommend jenny & tyler's newest cd, or a mixed cd of funny songs (veggie tales' silly songs with larry usually makes it on my mixed cds) and love-related songs.

hobby-related items: this may sound like an obvious one, but for a bad gift-giver like myself i need simple reminders like this one. what is your guy into? is his favorite band doing any concerts in your area? is there a new video game he'd like? fishing gear? (ok, i'm tapped out...i can't think of any other guy-hobbies.)

cologne or a watch for the trendy guy: devin's got different colognes that i associate with different parts of our relationship--one scent he wore in high school, another one he bought on our honeymoon...so why not add to the collection with a new cologne? or, i could go get the watch i gave him resized so he could actually wear it. ;)

new book for the avid reader: i won't pretend to know what manly men look for in a manly book. but i'm operating on the assumption you could find something he might be interested in. devin loves reading books on unsolved crimes, and my dad loves world war ii books...so those are all the reference points i've got.

do you give gifts for valentine's day? anything you'd add to this list? don't forget to check out my instagram to enter to win $40 to caseapp! winner will be picked on wednesday, february 10 at 12pm est. 

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