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last year, i made valentine's day cards with a friend and suggested 5 valentine's day ideas for a last-minute planner (which is usually me). we decided to keep the tradition alive, and this year we met up to once again make valentine's day cards! naturally, we were having so much fun that i forgot to take pictures until afterwards (#amateurblogger). and props to 2-week-old aiden who napped like a champ the whole time!

i love making cards--thank you cards, little notecards, christmas cards...and although this love is fueled by the target $1 section, it's also because i love sending handwritten notes to people. i like telling people how appreciated they are, how much i enjoyed something they gave me, how i'm thinking of them.

while lots of us still take the time to write out notes and stick them in the mail, the temptation is there to let kind words go unsaid or to type them out, since that's so much faster.

but my challenge this valentine's day is to tell the people around you how you feel! for me, this means writing out thank-yous to all the friends that dropped off meals since aiden's been born. it means sending notes to people i love and don't get to see that often. it means taking time to reflect on all the ways i've been blessed, asking God to show me how i can be a blessing to others.

if you're still on the hunt for a way to show love through gift-giving, be sure to check out my gift guide (including a coupon code to caseapp!). and to see more cards & valentinesy inspiration, be sure to follow my pinterest board!

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