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Can you give entire home tours before a space is the perfectly decorated, Instagrammable version of itself? I'm going to go ahead and say YES. Honestly, some of my favorite blog posts are the hideous renovation "before" posts of our old house (exhibit A, B, and C), because it made it even more fun when a room was finally finished! So in that vein of reasoning, this "home tour" is the very first version of the new house. We haven't spent anyyy money on decor (still waiting for our old house to sell!), so the bedrooms are veryyy plain (shared in the next post). And you know what? It's totally fine. I'm a firm believer that life goes on, even when a house doesn't look like the trendy layout in an Ikea display.

While I'm not embarrassed to share the unperfected state of the house, I have been slow to share pictures of the house because it feels so....callous. I know people who don't even have a safe place to live, so to share photos of a house that we didn't fix up ourselves, that came to us like this, suddenly feels insensitive to talk about. Just know that this post is not coming from a strangely stuck up place.

(When did I become such an overthinker?!)

And yet here I am. I am choosing to share the house, because I want to look back and see what it looked like after we just moved in. I also want to document (as a reminder to myself!) all the things I'm grateful for here. We lived in a small house for 7 years, which has made me appreciate SO MANY THINGS in this new house.

What I'm appreciating:
  1. TWO bathrooms, not one, and in places that make sense (a.k.a. the full bath is not right off the living room, like it was at the old house!)
  2. The layout!
  3. Allll the storage space, which I mentioned on Instagram: a front closet, upstairs hall closet, attic storage space, crawl space storage, full garage storage, AND a small outside shed!
  4. All the bedrooms are on the same floor! (Why was our old house so split up?!)
  5. Central air (before we just had 3 window units!)
  6. The back deck where we can eat outside
  7. A sunny yard with almost no mosquitos
  8. The playroom with life-proof laminate floors haha
  9. The fact my neighbors can't see me eating dinner if I forget to close the blinds

I've got a whole bunch of pictures to share of the living spaces, so I'll save the ones of our plain boring bedrooms for another post!

Emma and I had fun walking around the house taking pictures (while Aiden watched a little bit of TV), but he joined us for some fun jumping on the bed photos in my room!

How has your decorating style changed over the years? What are you loving about the space you're in?

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