Winter Maternity Favorites

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Back in August, I shared 8 of my maternity wardrobe staples and shared some snapshots of my 20-ish week bump that was already VERYY visible. Well, I'm back again with more maternity favorites, but I'm at a whopping 34 weeks and looking like I'm actually 43 weeks pregnant. Why do you this these photos were taken from so dang far away? It's because I'm mostly chins at this point and for some reason, triple chins don't do super well with getting repins on Pinterest?

While I can no longer sit up from the couch without letting out a strange grunt sound that just makes EVERYONE feel more comfortable, I am hoping to savor these last few weeks with just Aiden & Emma. I'm planning last visits to all our favorite spots (which I rounded up for you here in this post on what to do in the Philly area with kids!), and I'm finally done decorating the nursery. JK. It's still the room that holds all the unfolded laundry and now Christmas presents that I haven't wrapped yet.

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Anyway, here are some of my absolute favorite items for being pregnant in the winter:


  1. Chunky knit sweaters (multiple options. Allllll the cardigans), which pair well with tank tops and solid shirts like this and this.

  2. Cozy hat like this blush pink one I can't stop wearing

  3. (I'm wearing these Sperry rainboots in the pictures, and they're warm enough to double as snow boots!)

Winter maternity staples:

  1. Simple black dress like this PinkBlush option or this one (easy to dress up for Christmas events, flowy and forgiving when you're in that third trimester!)

  2. Flowy top for church on Sundays or when you're forced to look like a functioning member of society

  3. Soft sweater like this one I'm wearing in a size small (that also has hidden nursing zippers!)

  4. Good jeans (or jeggings, let's be real)

  5. Still, my maternity overalls.

  6. Good leggings. (I've still been wearing my non-maternity Simple Addiction leggings because they're completely not see-through, budget-friendly, and are easy to fold down under my bump.)
  7. Thick, warm maternity coat (check second-hand or with friends first! I've never bought one because dear friends passed along theirs when they were done! If you're into purchasing one new, I have this one and love it with it's deep pockets)

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