Cozy Festive PJ's For the Family

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There's nothing like kids in festive pajamas to make the evenings a little merrier, and bonus points if they match. I'm not embarrassed to admit that matching is my favorite. Matching sibling outfits, matching cousin outfits (if my sister-in-law would let me ðŸ˜‰), matching sisters, mommy and me...I'M HERE FOR ALL OF IT.

As soon as the Christmas PJ's I ordered came in the mail, the kids wanted to wear them and then they started running around in circles with excitement...and our Christmas pajamas came with HATS! Aiden and Emma look like the cutest little elves with their hats on, and they genuinely love wearing them haha. (See the proof in my Instagram Stories here!)

One afternoon while Devin was at work (not that he was sad to miss family photos in matching PJ's because wouldn't that ruin his street cred?? ðŸ˜‰), the kids and I got cozy on my bed and read Christmas stories, watched a Super Why 'Twas the Night Before Christmas episode, and ate cookies. Apparently festive December Julie is the chillest, rule-free version because TV? And cookies? IN MY BED? Seriously, who am I.

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If you're looking to get matching family PJ's for a cozy Christmas Eve or a fun New Year's Day, here's the inside scoop: our matching pajamas are a poly-cotton blend, they don't shrink in the wash, and they're really soft (and slightly stretchy, since they're not just cotton! This is GREAT for little toddlers learning to put their own clothes on). I also love how affordable they are and that after you look at their selection on their site, you can order via Amazon (which makes everything easier, doesn't it?!). In terms of sizing, they really do run true to size. I got a medium, Devin got a large (he's 5'10"), Emma got a 3T-4T which was just a smidge big but I erred on the side of too big instead of too small, and Aiden got a 4T-5T which is what size he actually wears.

I loved Iffei's matching bathing suits this summer, and I even bought two sets from them because they're the cutest patterns and I loved the price point. Here's Emma and me in our matching bikinis, and me with both kids in our succulent suits (when I was like 7 weeks pregnant!).

What fun, festive things are you up to this year?

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