Summer 2019 Staples

This post is sponsored by Yaffi Fashion

How was your 4th of July yesterday?!

I'm writing this on the 4th while the kids nap, and it's already been the best, laid-back day. We normally get together with family, but my parents were out of town and Devin's sister just had a baby (literally days ago!) and his brother and wife are traveling, too...which meant we got to have a really relaxing day of whatever we wanted to do.  It was a perfect summer day!

With the 4th of July being this week, I thought I'd share some of our current summer staples:

Yaffi bathing suits. Yaffi Fashion makes matching bathing suits for the whole family, with affordable prices and trendy patterns. They sent us one set of suits, and because I love everything they make, I even bought another set of suits for just Emmy girl and me (which I shared on Instagram here!). The first set they sent us for this sponsored post didn't fit Emma and me correctly, but their customer service was AMAZING and shipped out new bathing suits and was so quick to respond. The bathing suits we're wearing in the photos are a 4T for Emma (she's almost 2, but I sized up to be sure it wouldn't be too small), 4T for 3-year-old Aiden, and I got a medium (I'm 5'6", and a size 4 pants). Plus they're on Amazon and most of their suits have Prime delivery! We are wearing this set in the photos.

We've gotten lots of compliments on these bathing suits already, and they're so easy to put on the kids. No ties, hooks, etc. You just throw them on and go! I'm not even sorry for making us all match...the kids can hate me someday for these but OH WELL. ðŸ˜‰ 

Blow up pool in the backyard. I already talked about this baby pool in this post (where Emma's new bathing suit hadn't come yet and she was still wearing an old hand-me-down that was on its last leg!), but here at the new house, it's still been INCREDIBLE. The kids love it, we throw random toys in there, we added the slide into it...and they love it.

 Bubble guns + sidewalk chalk.  Find yourself a $5 bubble gun at Target and you'll never have to huff and puff for bubbles for kids again. Also. Now Emma can't dump an entire bottle of bubbles over in a grabby, over-eager attempt to blow bubbles herself. Sidewalk chalk is also a no-brainer. I'm currently trying to perfect my flamingo-drawing skills.

Popsicles on the deck. I shared a patriotic popsicle "recipe" (it was a few years ago and look how little Aiden is!!), and here I am still making popsicles at home. It's cheaper to buy a little set of popsicle molds, and then I can fill it with 100% juice and fruit (or you REAL crunchy moms can juice your own fruit and THEN freeze it in the popsicles!  ðŸ˜‰).

Check out more Yaffi Fashion on Amazon here, and follow them on Instagram for more summer inspiration. 

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