Yes, The $20 Blow Up Pool Was Worth It (And Finding the Bright Side)

Our Memorial Day Weekend did NOT go as planned. Let's start there.

Aiden had a CRAZY high fever on Saturday and Emma had a slight fever, too, which ruined our Saturday plans of going to the community pool as a family AND going to my sisters' graduation party! With Mediterranean catered food! 
You know what else didn't go as planned? The fact that I did not get passes to our community pool before their office closed. (What kind of people don't have office hours on the Friday before Memorial Day Weekend?!) So, even if the kids had been perfectly healthy, we didn't have our tags to get into the pool that is literally around the corner from our house.

And it was 80 degrees and sunny. Perfect pool weather. And we were inside with really sick kids. 

Alas! The random fevers subsided by Sunday morning, which meant on Monday we were back in action and looking to cram a 3-day weekend's worth of fun into one day. 

We hit up a huge park that we don't normally go to, we had a cookout with Devin's family while the littles splashed in the $20 blow up pool (whaddup, Target), and then after dinner we let Aiden & Emma splash in the little pool again. 

Best $20 spent. 

Now I'm just waiting for our Yaffi Fashion suits to come in the mail so my sweet little Emmy doesn't have to wear her hand-me-down suit (read: very worn)! And then you'll get even more ridiculous poolside shots of us. 

The whole weekend really got me thinking about how I need to let go of my disappointments and unmet expectations. I literally cried when I didn't get pool passes in time for the weekend (AGAIN, who's office is closed on Fridays?!). Did that solve anything, or even make me feel better? NOPE. Not getting to spend 3 straight days in the sunshine with healthy kids was a disappointment, but feeling sorry for myself didn't fix anything either. So go ahead and learn from my Saturday-Sunday cranky self: when things don't go as planned, take a big ol' deep breath and find the bright side. God has given me so much to be thankful for--a kind husband, generally healthy kids, a place to live, etc. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 literallyyyyy says "be thankful in all circumstances" which I'm taking to mean, "be thankful even when things don't go your way." 😉 

Talk to me about your Memorial Day Weekends! Did things go as planned? Did you have fun anyway?!

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