Ice Cream Evenings

Here in the Philadelphia area, it feels like summer is right at our fingertips. We've gotten some 80-degree sunshine, our community pool opens Memorial Day Weekend, and the sun doesn't set until 8 PM!

Most of my time exploring local things is with kids (Tabora Farms, Maple Acres Farm, Elmwood Park Zoo), but sometimes I get out and do stuff just with friends! 😉 (Though I did go kayaking with Devin locally so it's not like I onlyyy explore things with kids haha.)

This week, a Philly friend introduced me to the Trolley Car Ice Cream Shoppe in Chestnut Hill, which made life feel even more summery. Christie and I met up after my kids went to bed, and we ordered our ice cream from a restored trolley car. Some parts of Philly still have trolleys, but they don't look like this anymore! They had an impressive list of flavors, water ice (I can't explain it to non-locals, you just have to come here to try it), sundaes, and soft-serve....which almost made it hard to choose what to get! (Sea salt caramel pretzel hand-dipped ice cream. No question.)

They have plenty of seating behind the trolley car, which was perfect because my friend and I sat and talked long past when we were holding ice cream. When we first arrived, it was sunny and bright, and by the end, the street lights were flickering on as the sun dipped behind the trees.

I'm really grateful for friends who are flexible with timing and don't mind waiting til the evening to hang out and have some grown-up conversations, uninterrupted by my adorable yet needy kids. The whole adventure only cost me $3.00. You don't need expensive vacations or wildly elaborate dinners to connect with friends! This was so simple, yet so so refreshing. We talked about my moving and selling our house, the exciting things in both of our families, my Nashville trip, her dating relationship, and it. was. glorious. Just good old girl talk around a table, eating the ice cream before it melts.

Does it feel like summer where you are? What are some things that make it feel like SUMMER to you? 

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