Elmwood Park Zoo Adventures

The Elmwood Park Zoo is a small zoo outside of Philly, with farm animals, giraffes, and a few other small exhibits. It's not as big as the Philadelphia Zoo, but it's still fun to walk around and see the animals they have. They have a giant playground in the middle of the zoo, which Aiden LOVED. If only it weren't 190 degrees when we went....I literally had sweat pouring down my back by the end of the day. Which I'm sure you're thrilled to know. 

I decided to visit that zoo kind of on a whim. Devin was working a Saturday, and most of my friends were busy, so I & the kids needed some fun adventure to go on. (I promise I only snapped these few photos and didn't have my camera out the whole time!!) As we were driving towards the zoo, the sky got dark and it actually started to rain. I considered turning the car around, but decided...eh, might as well give it a shot, we have nothing to lose! And I'm so glad we kept going. (Aaaaand I kind of wish it had actually rained. Since I was basically soaked in sweat by the end of the trip anyway.) 

Some other summer adventures have included kayaking at Peace Valley, where I learned to let gooooo and stop trying to control the plans. I've also learned such valuable lessons from watching Aiden take swimming lessons and learn to jump off the diving board! Exploring a local greenhouse with my best friend is also on my list of favorite summer adventures!

I hope you go on adventures (whether big, or small like this one!) with what's left of summer, that you pick a place and visit it, that you get photobombed by a unsuspecting dad (see my Instagram), that you get to see new things and enjoy watching other people's faces light up at the world around them. 

(^^Giraffee sandals for a zoo visit, is there anything more perfect?!)

What summer adventures have you been on lately? 

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