5 Things I'm Loving That You Might Love, Too

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I've been bad at posting regularly this summer (orrrr, ever since I had baby numero dos a.k.a. Emmy girl) but that's because real life > blog life, though I still love blogging and reading people's posts. Are you allowed to love something even if you don't do it very often? I'm going with yes.

Instead of blogging........I've been busy reading books to my kids, making snacks they'll eat half of, doing pool days and play dates, visiting the Philly children's museum (it's called the Please Touch Museum which is actually a way cooler name than "the children's museum" which is what other cities call theirs, I think...?), reading (I KNOW! I AM READING!), hanging out with my wonderful friends, watching The Office with my husband, etc.

So, without further ado, here are 5 things I've been really into that I think you might like, too: 

  1. 3 ingredient piña coladas. I made a pitcher for my sister's 21st birthday when she and a few of our mutual friends came over for a bonfire, and it was SO easy and delicious! Is it weird that I'm almost 27 and have never had a piña colada? I also made a variation of this dip. Also easy. 

  2. The book The Chemist, which was recommended by a friend. Am I allowed to recommend a book even though I'm not even halfway done (you can see my bookmark below and how I have over half left)??? I'm gonna go with YES, but I'll come back and revoke the recommendation if the second half is terrible. 

  3. Plants from the grocery store. Aldi had that $4 aloe vera plant by the checkout, and it came in the gray porcelain pot. I'm a sucker for all the plant things (exhibit A and exhibit B). Let's move on. 

  4. This 30-minute pilates video that makes me emit sounds that would make a passer-by think that a wounded bear is struggling to live. I can't even do the full planks (I rest on my knee and not my feet!) but that's what I love about it--she gives you so many levels of things so if you're a struggling beginner (me) you can still do it. 

  5. Asking better questions. Instead of asking the vague "how are you?" question when I see an acquaintance (because, let's be real, it usually elicits an equally vague "fine/good/tired/busy"), I've been asking something along the lines of "what was the best part of your week?" Suddenly, they have to think and can't give an automatic "fine, and you?"and then we've got something real to talk about. Oh, wow, you're into kayaking too? Where have you kayaked before? Etc.

What are some things you've been loving lately? 

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