Thinking Creatively & Other Reasons to Love Glitter Chalk

I want my little ones to be creative, so when Emma napped one morning, Aiden and I went nuts using glitter chalk (which, as it turns out, looks ALOT like regular chalk). For some reason, he really wanted baked goods drawn--a good thing, since I have failed at drawing the dogs and people and houses he's requested--hence the theme of all our drawings.

Watching Aiden and Emma explore things together is fun, but he's starting to get to the "EMMA IS TOUCHING MY THINGS AND I FIND THIS VERY ALARMING" stage. So when there's a chance to give him my undivided attention and do something together? I'm all about it.

Drawing with chalk might seem simple, but it really let Aiden work on some of those motor skills (holding the chalk, applying pressure as he drags it against the ground, etc.) AND it let's him think creatively. What does he want to create? What colors is he drawn to? Can he see the bigger picture?

So, if you're wondering why to give chalk (or glitter chalk, if your Target dollar section has it!) a try, here's my reasoning.

It promotes creativity.
It's inexpensive.
It's quality time with your kid(s) (or friends' kids who you're graciously babysitting).
It's messy, but in an "easy-to-wash-off" way.
It can get silly.
It's an OUTSIDE activity. (Am I the only one who hates being inside when it's nice out?!)

What inspires creativity for you? 

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