Things That Inspire Creativity

Whether in blogging or brainstorming new products for your business, use these 7 ideas to get your creative ideas flowing! // via @ahopefulhood

I was listening to The Happy Hour Podcast (as always), and one of the guests talked about how she helps her young kids stay creative by doing random fun exercises around the dinner table. Am I the only one who needs to practice being creative and thinking of new ideas?!

Whether I'm struggling for a blog post topic, a new Wild Cedar Co. idea or just want to feel like I'm DOING and MAKING (instead of washing [dishes] or folding [laundry]), it takes some external things to get my creative ideas jump-started. Sometimes I feel super uncreative, and if ever that's you, here are some things that are sure to get your creative juices flowing:

1. Read any book. Reading helps your ideas flow because you're "introduced" to new people, places, and perspectives. Check out Chelsea's post on what she read in April & her list of must-reads to get started!

2. OR Read a book outside your usual genre. For me, that's The Samurai's Garden because it's not the chick-flick fiction I usually read.

3. Check out the graphic design of Audrey White (and read her post on why she also crafts!) or the beautiful paintings of Kendra.

4. Go for a walk outside and notice the details--intricate plants, cloud shapes, etc.

5. Check Pinterest. Jk. That's overwhelming. 😉

6. Go somewhere you've never been before: a new coffee shop, a pretty park, a new town.

7. Try a new recipe. Not from Pinterest. But from a recommended source, like Susannah's dairy-free caramel macchiato, Jacqui's cinnamon blueberry protein muffins, or anything from Audrey's post here.

What do you do to feel inspired & creative? 

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