Currently // May 2017

Baking chocolate chip cookies in mini-muffin tins; they're the cutest! (I blogged about it here forever ago, so please have a good laugh at the picture quality haha.)

Listening to this new song release from Sunday Muse

Loving maternity shorts & maxi dresses. I'm only 16 weeks and nothing fits (second baby probs...), so my husband surprised me with a summer's worth of maternity clothes (since he knows I'm a cheapskate and would just keep scavenging at thrift stores). He is seriously the sweetest.

Planting......sadly nothing. We love watching the azaleas bloom in our back yard (pictured below)! I have grand plans to clean up our overgrown back yard, but so far I've just barely kept up with mowing (am I the only person who loves that chore?!)

Remembering how amazing life is when it's warm enough to be outside: we've had dinner in our (freshly mowed but still overgrown) back yard, gone for walks all together, played at the park, watched Devin's church softball games, splashed at the duck pond at my elementary school's fair (Aiden, not me)'s glorious. Though I do need to remember to grab another pair of sunglasses from 5 Below (#cheapskatelife).

Tomorrow I'll be linking up with AnneNancy

What have you been up to currently? 

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