An Especially Accurate Description of the Third Trimester

Today I'm 31 weeks pregnant with Baby #2

Current mood: large & in charge. 

Do I really need to explain anything else? 

1. What my body looks like:

2. I'm mildly irrational, but don't you dare tell me that: 

3a. How I feel when someone says, "wow! you're only ___ weeks!?" (because I know I look bigger than that...) 
3b. OR when someone says, "wow! you're getting close!" (am I? Bc here I am still pregnant) 

4. How I feel in general: 

5. When you realize you don't know anything and suddenly google tips on caring for a baby. Even if this is your second kid. 

6. Anytime I try to move quickly (like when chasing baby #1 who's not a baby but a surprisingly quick toddler)

7. What you say to your best friend but no one else, because that would be harrassingly annoying: 

If you're looking for more pregnancy-related things (like perhaps things that are ACTUALLY helpful, like tips and suggestions?), check out...

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