Happy 4th Birthday, Aiden

Dear Aiden,

Days after Riley was born, you turned four. Did you hear me? FOURRR. How am I the parent of a four-year-old?!

It's been incredible to see your mind and heart grow in this past year. You have so many Bible verses memorized, you ask me really specific questions about Sampson's choices, and you say so many funny things. Most of the time, you even tell Emma "I forgive you" all by yourself, after she says she's sorry.

You're such a grown-up, buddy. You get your own self dressed, you go to the bathroom on your own, and you can even get your shoes + jacket on before we leave. Plus, you can even get yourself pretzels out of the snack cabinet. It's INCREDIBLE. I can be sitting on the couch nursing Riley, while you get yourself completely ready for preschool. It's the best.

It's the sweetest to see your friendship with Emma continue to develop...the baby monitors have let me eavesdrop on your early-morning conversations with her from the top bunk to her bottom bunk: Emma, are you awake yet? Emma! Wake up! Let's play! (Here are you and her at Thanksgiving!)

The other day, you and I baked bread together. I may never get the flour out from between our floorboards, but it was worth it. You loved scooping the flour from the bag into my storage jars, and from the storage jars into the mixing bowl. We made a mess, and it was glorious. You hated the feel of the sticky dough, but you were thrilled to be my measurer and stir-er.

I love getting to have real conversations with you about God and Magic Tree House audiobooks and why dinosaurs would probably be taller than houses. I might seem distracted when you ask a lot of questions right in a row, but that's because my brain is thinking about lots of things all at once (like, do I need to put more diapers in my bag and did Emma put socks on before she put her shoes on and how late are we going to be?). I really do love your questions, and I love you. I love you so, so much.

Four is so fun, Aiden.

Happy birthday, little buddy.


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