Things Aiden Says, Vol. 6

Is anyone out there wondering why I never started a series about funny things Emma says? Is it because she doesn't talk? Is it because she's a classic second child who doesn't get the same attention as the first kid? No and no. This sweet girl talks a TON, but it's 100% logical and has been since day one! She just turned two, and she already speaks in full, complete, grammatically correct sentences. If I wrote down the things she says to me, it would be perfectly phrased things like "Mommy, is Aiden at school right now?" So alas, the series will only continue with the funny/thoughtful/ridiculous things her brother says.

This is one of my favorite series because it's so fun to see how Aiden's growing and developing. When I first shared the Things Aiden Says (vol. 1), he was only talking in two word combos. Plus, Emma was just born so we got to see him start saying things related to her existence, like "EMMA POOOOOOP." And now? We're having full blown discussions about scientific things I don't understand (like the age of the earth) and how Jesus told us that the last will be first (so can we stop making getting in the car fastest a competition???).

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Here are some things almost four-year-old Aiden's said recently: 

Aiden, almost every day: Am I older than ______ (insert any name of anyone we've ever known)?

Aiden, to my mom: Grammy, I picked my nose but it was ok because it was dry.
Ummm....should I be relieved he has nose-picking standards?

Aiden, out of nowhere: How do fingers grow?

Aiden: Mom, if you are eating and food goes in your stomach, how is the baby growing in there?
(simplified explanation of how the uterus is next to the stomach so it's fine)

Aiden, out of nowhere as we drive in the car: Sharks do not leave a foot paw in the ocean.
Me: Footprint?
Aiden: Yeah

Aiden: Mom, I'm feeling sad because today I realized something.
Me: What did you realize?
Aiden: I realized that only dads can be superheroes. So I cannot be a superhero because I am not a dad.

Aiden: Did your friend who had three babies [triplets] have 3 stomachs?
Me: No, all three babies had to share space in her uterus, which is next to her stomach.
Aiden: Wow, I think it's better to only have two babies. Not three.
Me: It is hard work, but it's a good thing she got to have three babies!!

Aiden: How old is a T. Rex?
Me: Hundreds or thousands of years
Aiden: Like 11 years?
Me: No, like older than Abraham or Jacob in the Bible.
Aiden: So like 50 years?

Me: What do you think you'll do in school today?
Aiden: An activity
Me: What's an activity?
Aiden: It's where you do something special to learn something you did not know before
Watch out, Webster. Aiden's ready to write dictionary entries!

Me: Aiden, what are you thinking about?
Aiden: Hunting animals in real life.
Me: You need to hang out with Uncle Isaac or Daddy and then you can hunt in real life
Aiden: Daddy does not even hunt in real life because he is not a cowboy.

Aiden, a full HOUR after bedtime, was still talking to Emma, so I went into their room and asked what was going on.
Aiden: Emma and I are going to get married.
Me: um, sorry bud, you can't marry her because that's the have to marry someone else.
Aiden: Why can I not marry Emma?
Me: Because she's your sister and you have to pick someone else to get married to.

What fun things have you heard kids say lately? 

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