Thankful List | 2019

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

It's tradition to share a list of what I'm grateful for, and this year is no different! It's so fun to look back and see that in 2014, I was thankful for camping trips just me and Devin, and last year's list included Aiden talking about good guys and bad guys.

Here's what I was thankful for in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018

What I'm thankful for this year: 

Devin, our marriage, and the fact he's my best friend
Overhearing Aiden & Emma's conversations in their bunk beds after we've put them to sleep
When Aiden & Emma successfully/happily play together in the playroom
Emma's full sentences as she talks about the new baby
Feeling & watching this baby's kicks while Devin and I do our yearly fall re-watch of Scrubs each evening
The new house, and the fact it was already fixed up
The new house's TWO bathrooms #luxury
Our old house finally selling and officially belonging to someone else, as of 10 days ago!!
God's love for me, even when I fail him
Aldi & everything therein
Friends who let us come visit (exhibit A and exhibit B!)
Dear friends who inspire me to be more like Jesus
God's protection for family members' health struggles this year
Getting to be part of things at church that both require and give me energy!
The fact that I've had a healthy pregnancy so far
Our church small group, and their willingness to discuss the things of God even when toddlers are freaking out in the background 😂
Maternity overalls, because maternity pants and their stretch-tops are OVERRATED!!!

Me and the kids had some fun in the crunchy leaves recently, so I'll leave you with a few ridiculous, funny snapshots of what this current season looks like.


What are you thankful for? 

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