A Weekend Away With Friends

I mentioned earlier this week that we took a road trip over the weekend. It was so relaxing to be able to sit around and catch up with our friends Courtney & Isaac who moved across Pennsylvania from Philly to the Pittsburgh area. The last time we saw them, they stayed with us and Emma was like 6 months old! Now, they're expecting a sweet boy in June. Whenever we get to visit each other again, their little baby boy will be here, too! (Also from their last visit: these sweet moments captured by Courtney.)

None of us had any real agenda for the weekend (to Devin's delight), so we sat around and talked late into Friday night. Saturday, we took the kids to their church's playground and then Devin and Isaac headed out to a 200-acre shooting range, while Courtney and I hung out and took photos while Aiden and Emma napped.

Saturday night, we ordered food, put the kids to bed, and enjoyed another evening of staying up late talking. We laughed so much, and it was just like the "good old days" when Courtney and Isaac would come over for bonfires on Saturday nights.

Sunday morning, we got to worship at their church and got to hear Isaac preach. (Wow, our friend did a great job reading a passage and applying it to daily life! I could do a whole post on what God said to me through that.)

Some of my favorite moments were when Aiden sat next to Isaac on the couch and asked him random (of course) questions and when Aiden pulled book after book for Courtney to read. (She has the BEST selection of God-centered picture books! I'll have to share some of them here because they were all so, so good.) Courtney was so gracious when Aiden and Emma decided that her beautiful decorative baskets were for climbing in. It's so beautiful to see our friends love our little ones!

A few things that were helpful in staying somewhere with kids was bringing this baby monitor (affiliate link), and having the kids take naps in separate rooms even though they slept in the same room overnight.

Have you done any fun trips recently? How do you keep up with friends that live far away? 

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