Choosing Our Christmas Tree

This past weekend, we bundled up and headed out to a new-to-us tree farm that's owned by friends from church. If you're in the Philly area, you have to check out Watson's Tree Farm in Warrington, PA. They were super knowledgeable in choosing a tree that would stay alive through til Christmas (apparently the first tree we picked out only lasts 3 weeks! Who knew?!) and would be strong enough to hold ornaments on the branches.

We asked the kids if they wanted to cut down our own Christmas tree, and of course, Aiden was a hearty YES! And because Emma wants to be just like her "brudder," she chimed in with a "yes" as well. So, we asked around and found out that a family from our church had a tree farm. It was such a delight--Mr. Watson even let Aiden & Devin actually saw the tree trunk themselves, so that Aiden could have the experience!

Aiden LOVED running around the tree farm, exploring and adventuring. He was careful not to step on the baby trees, and he got really serious about inspecting the trees with Devin. Emma, on the other hand......Not into it. She was cold (fleece-lined leggings aren't all they're cracked up to be, apparently), and she just wanted to be held almost the whole time. My 33-week bump basically made it impossible to hold her for longer than 5 minutes at a time, so Devin either held her or she walked (like a somber little champ). While the votes may have been split about how fun wandering a tree farm in the cold was, both Aiden and Emma loved that we got to take Devin's truck! They are lowkey obsessed with his old pickup!

Growing up, I always had a fake tree, and not the cute/fancy/looks-pretty-real-and-full type. More like the "this was 75% off after Christmas so now we have a fake tree for 10+ years!" type. The past 7 years that we've been married, Devin and I have always gotten a real tree (what he grew up doing!). So this whole choosing-a-live-tree thing is still a fun, novel thing for me! Deciding what type of live tree to get, picking out one that's the right height, smelling the pine, getting poked in the finger by real pine needles as you decorate the tree, vacuuming up any needles that's just wonderful. Even the finger pricks on pine needles while decorating. 😉 

Are you a real or fake tree kinda person?

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