Things Aiden Says, Vol. 2

Aiden's funny one-liners (that I posted here) have turned into funny conversations. He still refers to himself in the third person, and he still calls Emma "Emmy girl." However, he now uses terms like "though" and "because"......totally incorrectly but nonetheless adorable. He also says "I love you, too" even when he's the one who says it first.

Here are some fun things he's said recently: 

Aiden: Mommy, Aiden sit lap-top?
Translation: Mom, can I sit on your lap?
He still calls our "lap" our "laptops"

Aiden trying to sing the "eensy-weensy spider": and washed Spider-man out

Watching Inside Out and talking about feelings:
Me: Do you feel happy?
Aiden: No, name Aiden! (Pronounced "AY-nin")

Aiden: finger HURT
Me: Did you bump your finger on something?
Aiden: Bump finger on Jesus
Me: You bumped your finger on Jesus??????

Aiden, before breakfast: I need oatmeal. I need veggie straws. I NEED veggie straws right now.
Me: But we don't have any veggie straws right now, plus it's breakfast now...
Aiden: No thank you, Mommy, I need veggie straws.

Devin: Wait, who has to go out on a leaf?
Aiden: the money climb the tree for the leaf and the coffee.

Devin scoops Aiden up in a towel after his bath, jokingly cradling him like a baby, so Aiden says: I baby Jesus

Everything he says is 100% precious (or mildly rebellious). And I don't want to forget any of it!

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