Spring House Projects (Or, a to-do list to keep us focused)

When we bought our house in 2011 (and moved in after we got married, in June 2012), it was a total DUMP....or, as Joanna Gaines would call it, "a fixer upper with lots of potential." I'm so happy I took photos like this and like this to look back and laugh at/see what progress we've made! Even though we don't need to sheetrock every. single. wall anymore, there are lots of little projects left that need to get done. If I write up a list of house projects, then we'll have to get them done, right? ðŸ˜‰ 

House projects to work on this spring: 

  1. Paint the exterior of the house. Those before-and-afters are going to be HOTTTT. Our house is a grimy old white right now, so even if we picked lavender (we won't), it would look like an improvement. 
  2. At least 3 new windows. 
  3. Keep the front porch clean/decorated. Right now there's 203 strollers, wagons, bikes, and tools on our front porch. Super attractive. 
  4. Backyard clean-up. And by yard clean-up, I mean....
    • Have a bonfire to get rid of all the branches winter storms brought down. 
    • Pick up all the dog poop we've ignored all winter. #ResponsiblePetOwners (not)
    • Put down grass seed since the aforementioned dog has killed 90% of our grass. 
    • Keep new grass alive for longer than 3 days. 
  5. New house numbers. To go on that fresh paint job. 
  6. Caulk/paint downstairs trim and fill all the random nail holes. See photo below for an example of those random nail holes we've been ignoring...
We're not planning on moving anytime soon (even though our house is like 1,000 square feet and only has one bathroom.....so we will eventually have to move), but I want to get to enjoy our house fixed up before we have to move! You always see people doing extreme amounts of cleaning/work to their house just before they move, but I want to get to live in the "finished product" before we eventually have to move. 

And, if you're wondering: do we normally have 900 jackets on that coat rack? Yes. Yes we do. 
And yes, I moved 899 of them for these photos so you could look at something besides my random spring to-do list 😉 

If you're into renovating, too, check out my list of renovation tips before you start, and how we renovated the small bathroom

What are some of the spring projects or DIYs you're hoping to do? 

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