Currently // April 2018

Life around here lately has looked like trips to local storytimes, inside play dates with mom friends + their kids, starting to watch Arrested Development with Devin every night, and praying really hard that, wait, tonight....well, maybe, tomorrow night will be the night that Emma starts sleeping more. March and April are still pretty chilly and gross over here in Philly, but unlike how I feel about February, this spring chill is survivable because warm weather is coming soon!!

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Currently, I've been...

...or (being showered) with snow storms, snow flurries, and rainy days. Ok, April, I see you...

All the indoor plants. The bright yellow flowers in the photo above were a gift from my mom on Easter (aren't I supposed to bring HER something when my parents host?), and I also have all these succulents that I'm growing, these low light wall-hanging plants, plus another indoor plant project I'm working on! Sorry I'm obsessed.

For Aiden to learn even more new words! I've decided each month's "currently" post needs a snapshot of Aiden and Emma so I can look back at how they've grown. See below for this month's, where Aiden's gently tickling her and playing "peek-boo" ðŸ˜‰

Rachel's jalapeno turkey burgers, which I mentioned on my Insta stories and in this Insta post. Sorry I can't stop talking about them.......and by "sorry," I mean I'm not really apologizing but I'm acknowledging that it's probably getting awkward with how much I bring them up.

Even more things at Target because I finally got a Target RedCard (which means I'm SAVING more money, since it has 5% off, right??? ðŸ˜‰). One of my favorite things was the $3 tie Aiden wore at Easter........even though I took zero pictures of the fam on Easter. Oops!

What have you been up to currently? 

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