Things Aiden Says, Vol. 4

One of my favorite things about blogging is getting to look back at old posts (even when the photos and writing is so bad that I cringe and pray no one ever finds that post!), and that's basically the reason I started this series on things Aiden says. 

This stage of things he's been saying might be my favorite so far. We've been having some fairly deep conversations about God, what it means to follow God, why we don't poke people with "spears" (literally any toy) even though King Saul threw one at David, etc. I'm loving how much he can articulate! 

I snapped a few pictures (thanks, tripod) while we read together before naptime the other day. (Of course, he wanted to sit in Emma's chair even though he has his own that has his own dang name on it!) We were reading This Is The Gospel (affiliate link), which is a Kids Read Truth book that the amazing Courtney gave him for Christmas! If you're looking for an easy-to-understand book that has actual Scripture on every single page, you haaave to get this one. It's sparked such challenging questions about God, his plan, and our lives in Aiden and I LOVE getting to talk about it with him! 

Here are some things Aiden's been saying recently. Catch up on all the other funny things he's said in vol. 1, vol. 2, and vol. 3

*The italics are all things I'm adding in*

Aiden: Daddy is married to you. He's your wife. 
Me: No, buddy, he's a guy so he is my husband. 
Aiden: No, he is your wife. Your WIFE. 
Me: I think you're a little confused...
Aiden: No! I'm not confused! You and daddy had a wedding yesterday (nope6 years ago) and you were married in the picture and so he is your wife. 

Aiden, out of nowhere: I have a big neck. 
Me: Do I have a big neck? 
Aiden: No, only boys have big necks. 
Me: How do you know? Do girls or boys have big necks?
Aiden: Only boys and grownups have big necks.
Me: What?
Aiden: I was just talking to myself.

Aiden: I can't whistle
Devin: It's ok bud, I couldn't whistle when I was your age
Aiden is totally confused
Devin: Did you know Daddy used to be your age? And before that I was Emma's age--I was a baby
Aiden: But only girls are babies.......

Aiden: Excuse me, what are you talking about?
Devin: We're talking about my friend who has a kid your age.
Aiden: I think they are not my age........I think MY kids are my age.
Me: Who are YOUR kids?
Aiden: Asaph. (His friend)

Aiden, about Emma: What in the whole world does he want my juice cup for?

Me: Why do we celebrate Christmas?
Me: And why was Jesus born?
Aiden: Because an angel told him to.

Us: What? Are you ok? WHAT'S in your eye?
Us......ohhhh, an EYELASH.

Aiden: I want to have a date night.
Me: With who? Do you have a wife?
Aiden: With my buddy Asaph. People can have a date night with their buddies and stuff.
He meant PLAY date......

Me: Buddy, you don't want to be Goliath, because he didn't listen to God. You want to be David, because he was following God. Do you know what it means to follow God?
Aiden: crickets
Me: You read your Bible, you talk to God, you do what he says...
Aiden: ......but I cannot READ
As if that totally disqualifies him from following God. I guess no illiterate people could be Christians then? 😂

Did you catch that Aiden's friend was mentioned twice?! He loves that little guy so much, haha.
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