Children's Books You Won't Mind Reading 50x A Day

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Happy Friday! I've published a few Friday Favorites lists, and recently I shared 5 random things I'm enjoying that you might like, too. This list is a little more concentrated.........around books. GOOD books. For your kids. 

These are not your "A is for Apple" boring, plain books for babies. No, no. These are books for your baby + toddler that you won't mind reading 50+ times per day, because they are ACTUALLY well-written. At first, the one-year-old you're buying them for might not be super interested. For Aiden (who's 2.5 now), he started actually listening to sorta-long books around a year and a half. The books on this list either have humor, a fun plot, good illustrations, and/or a great writing style. I genuinely don't mind reading these over and over, and from now on I want to get books for all our turning-one friends' babies!

A quick side note: why are books the best 1-year-old birthday present? 

  1. They don't require batteries. A.k.a. they are not INSANELY ANNOYING NOISEMAKERS. 
  2. They're easy to store (yay for those of us with too many toys and a small house!)
  3.  Reading is good for kids, and us parents want to read to the babies more when we are reading books that don't SUCK. 
And now. The list of books themselves.

Children's books that aren't mind-numbingly boring: 

Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type
This is probably on everyone's list, and that's FOR GOOD REASON. I genuinely laugh as the farmer puts up with a strike on his farm!

Giggle, Giggle, Quack
In the same series as Click, Clack, Moo, this book presents the animals taking advantage of Farmer Brown going away on vacation. SO FUNNY.

Thump, Quack, Moo: A Wacky Adventure
Our library has the Spanish edition, and we've checked it out 100x already. It involves construction (which Aiden LOOOVES) and once again, those farm animals give poor Farmer Brown a run for his money.

Diary of a Wombat
Ironically-told story of how animals ruin everything just by being themselves. (Warning: the sequel, "Diary of a Baby Wombat" is NOT funny.)

Boss Baby
There's a reason they made a movie based on this book: it's therapeutically funny for parents of newborns. It's creative and it lets us laugh at how our babies somehow become our bosses.

Doctor Ted
The off-beat humor in this book made me laugh aloud. There's nothing like a kid accidentally insulting his principal as he "diagnoses" his bad breath.

Zin Zin Zin! A Violin
Buckle up, because this book is wordy in a good way and has the BEST rhymes, assonance, alliteration, consonance...all the things. All you former English majors like me will LOVE how well-written this book on the orchestra is!

Who's Tools 
My carpenter-husband LOVES that this book teaches kids about specific tools. It's genuinely interesting, is sort of lift-the-flap, and mayyyy have helped me determine which tool my husband was asking me to look for (isn't everything just a wrench or a drill?).

Pout-Pout Fish
This book is just super sweet. A fish thinks he's destined to be a grumpy, pessimistic fish...but maybe the traits that make him look grumpy could be used to express love? (Oh, is that confusing and vague? GO REQUEST THIS BOOK AT THE LIBRARY AND READ IT FOR YOURSELF.)

What are some good books (for kids or otherwise!) that you've enjoyed recently? 

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