Things Aiden Says, Vol. 3

Happy Tuesday! Summer is in full swing for us here, and Aiden just had his first swim lesson yesterday, which is where these photos are from! Each day my goal is to spend as much time outside as possible, whether it's a play date in a friend's yard, our local pool, or the park. Gotta have our vitamin D fix! (I even started a category on my Instagram stories called Summer Adventures or something, if you want to see our favorite memories.)

Aiden's vocabulary is insaaaaane. He knows so many words and can communicate so well, which has led to some pretty funny conversations! When I first started writing down the funny things he said (volume 1), it was mostly individual words or phrases. Now, it's full on conversations! 

Funny one-liners: 
I eat the milk ever time (a.k.a. every time)

I checking on my beard, Mom (picking at his chin) 

Oh my gosh! Oh my freaking gosh! 

YOURE THE MUSCLE, MOM (literally out of nowhere)

In a conversation about full names, he called Emma “Emma hood Claire” then said “Mommy, you’re a Hood boy” 

I'M PEPPING JAKE. Jake like it. I pepping him. (a.k.a. Petting)

This thing not working. I probly need a screwdriver. 

At the playground, he said: I take my shoes off? I get chipmunks on my feet? (a.k.a wood chips) 

Funny conversations: 

On the shoulders of my brother in law, I told him, “You’re so big, buddy!” 
Aiden: “I big like Goliath!” 

In a conversation about putting kids to bed before they get cranky...
Aiden: what’s cranky?
Me: cranky is when you feel tired and fussy
Aiden: I was playing with cranky today 

Aiden: I tucking my shirt in, Daddy
Devin: Why? 
Aiden: For mommy 

Aiden: I want to play with (my friend’s) knife gun 
Me: "NERF" gun, Aiden
Aiden: Yeah, I play with his nerf gun 

Talking about whether chipmunks are animals or not, Aiden: "Birds are animal.”
Devin, turning to me: “This kid already knows species!” 
Aiden: “'Species,' Dad, that’s not a word”

Read more funny things he's said here (volume 2).  Also relevant: date night tips when you're bringing your toddler along! 

What funny things have you heard a kid say recently? 

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