For Multitasking Moms: How to Whiten Your Teeth At Home

Smile Brilliant sent me this product to review, but all opinions are my own. Use code ahopefulhood15 for 15% off your purchase, and enter to win $149 credit to Smile Brilliant HERE.

As a stay-at-home mom, it takes some real creativity to get everything done during the day. I want to read to and play with my little ones, but there's always laundry, dishes, and cleaning that has to get done! Lots of times, I find myself multitasking: talking to my toddler while he plays with play-doh and I wash dishes, folding laundry during naptime while I listen to a podcast, mowing the yard while the washing machine runs.

All that multitasking and mothering takes energy, and since having Aiden, I've quickly become a coffee aficionado (even though I used to HAAAATE it!)....which also means it takes a little bit of effort to make sure my teeth don't look like I've been smoking for 40+ years.

The easiest solution to coffee staining my teeth yet fueling my busy day? Smile Brilliant. This company offers the #1 dentist recommended professional whitening kit with custom trays, which gets mailed right. to. your. door. Does it get easier than that? No, no it does not.

Not only does the entire whitening kit get mailed to you, but you can whiten your teeth while you do all the other things in your day, like reading to your kid or making dinner or watching 4-7 episodes of The Office before bed. THIS MAKES ME FEEL SO, SO PRODUCTIVE. I'd wear my trays during naptime while I folded laundry, and it kept me from snacking too much AND it meant that I wasn't JUST folding laundry: I was folding laundry, listening to a podcast, and whitening my teeth. Multitasking at its finest!

What to expect with Smile Brilliant
They mail you a kit and REALLY specific, helpful instructions with how to take a mold of your mouth. (Easy!) Then, they mail you your custom whitening trays, which are a soft plastic and were super comfortable to wear. Your kit also includes whitening gel and desensitizing gel, since sometimes whitening can cause sensitivity to hot/cold (it didn't for me, and I didn't even need the desensitizing gel!). The directions are really clear and easy to follow! You just wear your trays for 45 mins to 3 hours, once a day or once every few days.

My previous experiences with whitening
In high school, I had my teeth professionally whitened with lasers (thanks to a Groupon!). For the laser whitening, I sat in a chair for hours and then afterwards, my teeth were SOOOO sensitive and my mouth was in so much pain! I do notttt recommend it. I was a little nervous to try Smile Brilliant's professional whitening trays, but they assured me that the desensitizing gel would help with any post-whitening sensitivity. After each whitening session, I could have used the desensitizing gel, but I didn't feel like I needed it! My teeth never felt sensitive to cold/hot, and it wasn't painful at ALL.

The customer service
Their customer service is AMAZINGGG. Almost a year ago, I started talking with Smile Brilliant about a collaboration, and they were so patient with me! It's not recommended to whiten your teeth while pregnant/nursing, and I waited til Emma was on solid foods (and thus nursing less) before I started the whitening process. Even though they had already sent me my whitening kit and custom trays, they were super patient and totally fine with my waiting til the summer to start the actual whitening! This is hands down the nicest company to work with and shop from.

What are some of the ways you stay productive during the day? How do you multitask? Have you ever tried teeth whitening trays

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