Currently | July 2018

(This picture is a joke because the 90+ temps and 70% humidity have made it impossible to read outside on decks like this!)

Happy 4th of July, my favorite holiday!! May your day be full of happy sticky delicious sparkly red-white-and-blue things.

The past few days have been so relaxing, so refreshing, and full of sweet memories in the making. Devin is installing a new hardwood floor at our house, so me and the kids are visiting my grandmother, who lives about an hour away. Have you ever stayed at a friend's house with kids? It's lots of trying to convince them to nap in a place that isn't home, trying to be good guests even though toddlers throw toys everywhere, etc.


This is not like that. My grandmother isn't phased by a screeching baby who does NOT want to go to bed in a pack-n-play, and she doesn't bat an eye when I ask for carpet cleaner because Aiden peed on her white carpets. (He hasn't had an accident in months but apparently on white carpets, yes, that's where it had to happen.) She premade delicious dinners for us last week, so while she does puzzles with Aiden and rolls a ball to Emma, I heat up our dinner. It's the perfect setup!

Well. That's such a ramble about what the past week has been like, so let me move on to this month's Currently linkup prompts, thanks to Anne & Shelly!

Summer!! Bonfires, planting grass seed, pool days, sweating to death no matter's all one big celebrating of summer and I never want it to end.

My grandmother. See above. ;)

This sweet potato and egg breakfast/brunch sheetpan meal (which I posted on Instagram!), and hoping to make zucchini chocolate chip cookies!

This one shoulder bathing suit, which I could do an entire blog post on. It's AMAZING and the rouching in the front helps flatten my stomach. It runs small though--I usually wear a 4 and the size 8 is a little tight on me. If you're short, you should be good. Otherwise, size up and enjoy free returns if it's too small!

Smile Brilliant custom whitening trays. They sent me a set to review, but they're honestly my favorite thing. I looove having whiter teeth, and they are insanely easy to use. The giveaway to win $149 credit to Smile Brilliant closes in 4 days, if you wanted to enter!!

What are you up to these days? How are you celebrating the 4th?

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