Celebrating 26

Thank you, PinkBlush, for sending me an item to review! All my opinions are super honest. As always. 

Two years ago on my birthday I was also pregnant, which led to this mildly sappy letter to "baby Hood #1" (a.k.a. that toddler in the picture!!) and last year on my birthday I shared this list of 8 random facts. This year, I'm going with another list.

What am I doing for my birthday? I've rounded up some perfectly acceptable ways to celebrate turning 26 and incidentally, I have realized that I'm an old woman. ðŸŽ‰

1. Sleep through the ENTIRE night (and not be woken up to pee).

2. Grab coffee with friends.

3. Or ice cream. Or donuts.

4. Joke around with your toddler who has started saying "BYE MAMA!" and laughing about it, like he knows he's telling a real knee-slapper. (Also the fact I just referred to a baby-joke as a "knee-slapper" automatically makes me an old woman, right?)

5. Go out to dinner with your spouse who turns a midweek dinner out into the most fun, laughter-filled date.

6. Be productive....though ignoring the dishes ("because it's my birthday and I do what I want!" ðŸ˜‰ ) is also tempting, it's so satisfying to have an empty sink that doesn't have crusted-on reminders of what last night's dinner was.

7. Take a glorious nap while aforementioned jokester toddler naps.

8. Individually thank all the friends who reached out via card/text/notes delivered by carrier pigeon and wished you a happy birthday (because it's a great conversation starter and why not take advantage?!)

9. End the evening at a respectable hour with ice cream in bed, snuggling, and Scrubs.

Part of me is like "wow, sleep made it on the list far too many times for only turning 26 and not 96" and the other part of me thinks that I've really got my priorities straight here.

This top is from PinkBlush, and because it's so loose & flowy and has 3 buttons, I'll definitely be wearing it to nurse in after the baby comes!

How would you want to celebrate your birthday?! 

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