What I'm Bringing (& Not Bringing) In My Hospital Bag

Here's exactly what you'll want (and what you won't need!) for your hospital delivery, from a second-time mama who overpacked the first time! #newmom #momlife  // via @ahopefulhood

Hello, 36 weeks. I'm exactly 4 weeks away from my due date (but who trusts those things, anyway) and I'm going to be ready for that "oh my gosh, this is real, we have to get to the hospital!" moment.

With Aiden, my contractions started SUPER strong out of nowhere and within an hour, my contractions were 5 minutes apart lasting for one minute (which is my midwife's magic formula that means it's time to head to the hospital). When that happened last time, Devin and I ran around like chickens with our heads cut off. We started throwing DVDs and my laptop in a backpack, and suddenly we were rethinking everything we had already packed. Do we need pillows? Should I bring my slippers? Not this time around. This time, we'll be ready with this super-short list of things to bring.


  • 1. Delivery robe. All I wore after I delivered was a hospital nursing gown. Do you know how awkward it is to introduce your baby to your dad and to your father-in-law while you're bra-less in a thin hospital gown?! Because the hospital gown was open-backed, I couldn't get out of bed while people visited, lest they see my maxi pad stuffed granny-panties. Nooooo thank you. 
  • **PinkBlush has a great selection! A regular bathrobe won't cover your belly completely (trust me, I've tried), and you want something patterned so if anythinggggg leaks it won't be obvious to others!
  • 2. Toiletries: shampoo & conditioner, deodorant, toothbrush & toothpaste. Seriously, just bring the basics. 
  • 3. Snacks!! You OR your spouse will be starving after delivery, and who knows if that hospital cafeteria will be open at 3am when you've nursed a baby for the 400th time that day and seriously need something to eat? My sister-in-law who has a 3-week-old baby agrees that snacks are a necessity. 
  • 4. Nursing bra/cami/bralette. My sister-in-law reminded me that wearing this under your robe makes it easy to nurse with others in the room so you aren't suuuper exposed, especially if this is your first baby and you're not used to it yet!
  • 5. Going home outfit: nursing bra/bralette, stretchy pants/maternity pants, loose shirt


  • 1. 2-3 footie pajama onesies. The hospital we were at gave us a onesie & hats, so save yourself the trouble and just bring an all-in-one outfit. Bonus points if the onesie has sleeves that fold over the hands. 
  • 2. Blanket/swaddle. Our hospital also provided swaddling blankets to use while there, but we needed our own for the car ride home!


  • 1. Insurance cards
  • 2. Phone chargers


  • 1. Lots of clothes for myself. Last time I was in the hospital with Aiden, all I wore until I left were hospital gowns. Why make more laundry for myself? Plus, when you're recovering from delivery, you want easy on/off clothing (a.k.a a robe) to nurse in. 
  • 2. Lots of clothes, mittens, hats, booties for baby. Save yourself the trouble and bring one or two onesies that have the feet attached!! That baby will be so swaddled the whole time that you won't even need all the other accessories. 
  • 3. Recovery things for myself. The hospital I delivered at had all the pads, sprays, and disposable undies I needed for my stay there. 
  • 4. Pillows, slippers, etc. No nursing pillows, no regular pillows, no slippers. The hospital has so many extra pillows you can get to help with nursing, and they give you grippy free socks. I love free. (Can you tell?)
  • 5. Burp cloths & other baby accessories. Like I said, the hospital will have swaddle blankets you can use!

What about the dads, you might be thinking...well, sure, you can always throw in a set of clothes/toiletries for the dad. Devin had to run home to let our dog out anyway, so he took a shower and changed at home...which meant no need to pack extra stuff!

What would you add to this list? Are you an overpacker, like me?!

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