Now I'm 25 (And 8 Other Random Facts About Me)

Me at 24: How can I stuff my pregnant self into non-maternity teacher-shirts?

Me at 25: Grocery shopping at 10am on a Monday is the best!

A lot has changed in one year. One year, I'm wearing pencil skirts and flats and flowy shirts, and the next I'm consistently pulling on whatever the heck I want to. Which is usually one of my many pairs of jeans.

I used to look up things like "movie showings after 9pm"  and now I google "Can you give an 8-month-old water?" I also now want to google things like "If I pull out a gray hair will 5 more really grow back in its place?" (If you know the answer don't tell me. I'd like to continue pulling out my gray hairs in blissful ignorance to the fact it may give me more of them.)

Besides the complete career change from high school Spanish teacher to professional baby food maker, I've also become more mature. More patient. More beautiful. More humble.

Just kidding.

Here's some more random facts about me besides the fact I'm 25, used to be a teacher, and write long blog post intros: 

  1. This is my first birthday as a mom! 
  2. I speak to Aiden exclusively in Spanish, in hopes that he'll grow up bilingual. 
  3. Like I shared on Instagram, I never exercise but ambitiously plan 9-mile hikes because I still consider myself an athlete. (Devin, stop. I'm still an athlete. Once an athlete, always an athlete. Don't argue with me on my birthday.) 
  4. I played field hockey in high school and college. Probably because it was super social. And because the sport is wonderful. 
  5. I would call myself thrifty, but everyone else would call me cheap. Aiden eats Oaty O's cereal because real Cheerios are like 50 cents more expensive. 
  6. I'm terrified of/loathe squirrels. All rodents, but especially squirrels. They're the devil. 
  7. I'm the oldest of 4 kids, and the youngest was born TWO DAYS BEFORE MY 10TH BIRTHDAY. It was THE most incredible almost-birthday present--a baby sister!
  8. I have wispy hairs that stick out above my ears and refuse to do what I say. I call them my ear-curls. See photo above.

Well, that's not the most comprehensive list I've ever written. What else do you want to know? 😉

If you're a fan of lists, check out last year's list of 24 adult things I (sometimes) do. Also last year, I went a more serious, sentimental route on my birthday and wrote this letter to "Baby Hood." 

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