Sayonara Summer // Spruce Street Harbor Park

I know every person (or maybe just us girls?) with a pulse is talking about how summer's over and is all "bring on fall!" but I'm honestly right there with them. I'm not thrilled that our pool is closed and the days are getting shorter, but I'm excited for this next season. Each new month brings so many changes for Aiden as he grows and learns new things. This past summer, I got to watch him experience sand between his toes (and in his mouth when he grabbed a fistful and ate it before I could stop him!), and I watched as he explored the grass around our picnic blanket (and tried to eat that, too.) 

Now, as we head into fall (officially, since it's September 22!) I'm excited to see how he grows even more. He's army-crawling evvvvverywhere, which he figured out how to do at the end of August. Maybe this fall he'll realize the sounds he's already making, like mama & dada, have real meaning. We'll explore pumpkin patches, corn mazes, I'll eat all the cider donuts and he can maybe have a small piece if he plays his cards'll be great. 

That's why trips to parks like the one at Spruce Street Harbor are so fun. It's a small adventure of exploring a new place (I know, I know, I'm the last person around Philly to not have been to this park!) with such a great friend. And it was perfectly not-crowded since we went during the day! The park is right on the Delaware River and is full of cute food trucks and hammocks and free games, like corn hole, ping pong, and giant chess! It's only open til Sept. 25, so we squeezed in one quick visit before it closed :) 

So, gather your people and head out, somewhere new. Enjoy a new place, say goodbye to sweet, sweet summer, and be excited for what a new season will hold. 

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