Things Aiden and Emma Say

I have not written one of these in foreverrr, and the Notes app list of funny stuff they tell me is getting long. So, I figured I'd share them here so I can look back on it and chuckle! When Emma started talking at one and was speaking in full, grammatically correct sentences by two, she really only said logical stuff. But ever since she turned three, she's been saying the craziest things. Most of it is questions and thoughts out of nowhere (see below about a bean bag that is FOR SUMMER when it was February???!!!). They also share a room, which makes them best friends but it alsooo makes them discuss the craziest stuff after we put them to bed (see below about the circulatory system freakout.) 

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Emma: I call him my monkey swimming penguin brother. 
Me: Who, Aiden?
Emma: Yeah, because he is swimming like a penguin and because he always climbs like a monkey on Wyatt's [their cousin] climbing dome. 

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Emma: A queen
Me: Sorry, you have to be born into a royal family to be a queen. 
Emma: Ok, a princess. 
Me: Ok so want to be in charge of making all the country's rules?
Emma: No
Me: You want to live in a castle and wear fancy dresses?
Emma: Yep. 

Aiden, building a fort with me, Riley, and Emma around: I don't want this spot cluttered up with girls. 

Emma, brings in a pink bean bag chair into the living room, IN FEBRUARY: this is for summer

Emma's logic and non sequiturs: speaking of pumpkin Joe Joe's, when can we watch Brave?

Emma's bedtime stalling routine last May included her screaming, "MOMMYYY MY FOOT IS RED!!!" and when I went in to check on her, Aiden's explaining how blood pumps to her feet and that's why they're red. She is FREAKING OUT about the blood inside her foot.  

Emma: Daddy, I like your truck better than Mommy's old car and Mommy's new car. 
Devin: Why, sweetie?
Emma: Because it has the tools that I like the best in it. 

Emma: My toy is broken. I'm just going to leave it here for that God will fix it. 
Me: ummm that's not how that works, God CAN fix it but he doesn't just come and fix our toys. 
Emma, as if we are crazy: Ok. I'm just going to leave it here. God will fix it. 

Aiden: Emma, you may not frighten Riley. 
Emma: What does frighten mean?
Aiden: It means making Riley jump in shock, surprise, and fearment. 

Emma: What's apple pie?
Aiden: It's just a dessert that I don't like that's for old people. WAIT. I'm thinking of pumpkin pie. 

What funny stuff have you heard kids say? 

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