Thriving Plants with Treleaf

 Thank you, Treleaf, for sponsoring this post. All opinions are honest, of course, and are my own. 

Welcome, new plant aficionados and experienced crazy plant ladies. This post is for all of us. 

Remember pothos? I shared about it in my list of hard-to-kill, easiest-to-have houseplants. It still remains my happiest houseplant, and because you can propagate it, all you have to do is buy ONE and you end up with many. 

What I didn't realize until recently, is that pothos are happiest when they can climb! In this photo, you can see how big my pothos are (despite the tiny little planter they're in!) because they're climbing up my wall, resting on little finish nails (which are hidden behind their leaves). 

Treleaf is a woman-of-color-owned business that makes trellises that are PERFECT for your pothos (or anything that likes to climb!). Wandering Jew plants, philodendron, English ivy, you name it. The Treleaf trellis is sturdy, beautiful to look at, and keeps your vine and climbing plants happiest. I got the Palmella trellis from Treleaf which came packed in 100% recyclable materials, along with a handy matching watering scheduler. 

Check out this trellis and other Treleaf items to help your houseplants thrive!

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