Currently | April 2020

I totally forgot about sharing my "Currently" post last month, but I'm back at it this month! These are so fun to look back on, so thank you, Anne, for hosting this linkup each month. I went digging around in the archives and found my Currently April 2018, 2017, and even 2016! (Baby Emma! And even baby Aiden! I can't even!)

This past month has been really difficult on my extrovert self...Right now we are in week THREE of a total quarantine. I can feel myself being easily angered by things the kids do, and I'm leaning heavily on God to give me patience as I try and respond to Aiden and Emma. And when I do find myself getting mad or feeling whiny, I then think about howwe can afford groceries, which is not something everyone in this country can say. So then I feel guilty. AND IT'S ALOT OF FEELINGS.

Anyway, I'm going to work on getting a little more positive so here we go.

Currently, I've been...

8 productive things to do inside, mostly for my own sanity because I need to work off a list to stay organized and sane! I've also been sharing my favorite leave-them-in-a-dark-corner-and-they-won't-even-die houseplants.

all the fun kid activities we can do when it's raining and we actually have to be inside ALL. DAY. (Share any suggestions in the comments!) It was freezing + rainy all weekend, so each night I would head to Pinterest and screenshot a few ideas for the next day. I realize this is not how Pinterest works but WHATEVER I'M OLD OK LET'S MOVE ON.

For sunshine and warmth. (I would even consider 65 degrees warm.) My wishlist is not long, God, so plz plz can you make this happen. Cold + rain is not cutting it these days and I need some vitamin D to carry on.

What the heck to watch next since we finished Tiger King. Nothing is measuring up! We've too recently re-watched New Girl, The Office, Parks and Rec and even just finished Superstore (v funny, highly recommend). Soooooo what's next???

all the lumber for the kids' playset! Devin is building it based on a picture we saw of one online (perks of having a carpenter husband), and in the two days he's spent on it, he's built so much of it! See my Instagram highlights for all the updates :)

Ok, so what are you all up to in this wild world of quarantine??

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