What's On My Changing Table

We are in our third week of absolute isolation. We go to the grocery stores, and that's about it. For an extrovert like me, this quarantine is SO DANG TOUGH. It really has made me grateful for what a strong person Devin is (which I was thankful for before, but now am on a whole new level!). He's the opposite of my extroverted self and has basically been preparing for this quarantine his whole life! I'm going stir crazy, but he's calm and helpful.

He changes diapers, plays sword fighting with Aiden and Emma, takes turns doing laundry and dishes...like I shared on Instagram already, he's the total package and I'm SO GRATEFUL. 

(While I'm on the subject of Devin being amazing in every category, just go ahead and check out my Instagram stories to see what he's started building for our kids.)

On our changing table these days, we've been loving some BeautyCounter Baby items. My friend Taylor sent us some when Riley was born (ALL the points for baby gifts that are practical!!!), and I couldn't help but share them with you guys. Riley had vicious cradle cap IN HER EYEBROWS when she was one month old, and our pediatrician said that using lavender scented baby oil (even though we had the organic version!) to moisturize might not be a great idea because lavender has some estrogenic properties. 

Now, we've got this BeautyCounter Baby oil that is scent-free and is the perfect mix of all-natural oils. The baby wash gets her clean after the blow-out-poops-that-require-a-bath, and the "baby protective balm" a.k.a. diaper ointment has taken care of her also-terrible diaper rash. We've used Desitin, Babo diaper cream (the hippie stuff from Amazon), and now this BeautyCounter one, and it's honestly been the best. If you're going to splurge to keep your baby's butt safe from redness and irritation, definitely go with this stuff. 

(Do I sound like a commercial? Because I'm 100% ready to start filming one since these things have been SO DANG HELPFUL to us.)

What are you grateful for these days? What products are you loving while you're stuck inside? 

P.S. Check out all the BeautyCounter products here if you're looking for all-natural items!

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