Moments with Three Kids

Apparently it takes social quarantine to get a blog post written! Haha. If you want more ideas for what to do with toddlers while stuck at home (for the coronavirus or otherwise!), check out my list of simple, fun activities here.

I've sat down to write this post multiple times, and each time, I have had to jump up. Riley woke up from a nap in her crib, very hungry and ready to nurse. Aiden needed a hand in the bathroom. Emma wanted a cup of milk. And this was supposed to be everyone's nap/rest times! Haha.

But that's just what life looks like these days. It's veryyy chaotic, but it's such a joy.

Aiden and Emma love talking to Riley, and I've been overly complimentary every time they interact with the baby. "Riley LOVES that you brought her a blanket! Awww, you made Riley so happy! Thank you for singing to Riley to help her stop crying!" And possibly because of this or because my kids are inherently baby-obsessed, both Aiden and Emma come talk to Riley of their own accord. Whether she's in my arms or in her swing, Aiden will sidle up next to her and say something like, "How are you doing, baby girl?" in a higher-than-normal pitched toddler voice. It's PRECIOUS.

Riley has been such a sweet addition to our family. She sleeps well and nurses a ton (which is great, because supposedly your milk ducts double every time you have a baby? That's gotta be true because sometimes she's actually getting drowned by how much my body is ready to offer haha). She cries, but it feels like a normal amount (as opposed to Emma's colicky days when, in my memory, she only stopped crying if she was asleep!). I can usually tell what she needs--to nurse, to sleep, to do bicycle legs to help get gas out.

And even when she IS screaming and the older two are arguing (This is my sticker! No, I found it on the coffee table! But I was coming back for it, so it is mine and you stole it and you're mean!), it doesn't feel emotionally overwhelming. I'm able to laugh and tell Riley (more for the older two kids' benefit so her crying doesn't stress them out), "Baby girl! It's not your turn to be upset! You're fed and cozy, there's no reason to yell at us, haha!"

I snapped a few pictures when the kids were all cozied up to Riley one day recently. I asked them if they wanted to offer her a stuffed animal, and they were thrilled to pick a toy from her basket (and then shove it in her face, oops!). Aiden and Emma argued about who got to hold her first, and Aiden even held her little baby hand in his. Their love for her is the sweetest!

The less photo-ready moments are the ones where the two older kids watch TV while I bring Riley in her basket into the bathroom with me just so I can get a shower (to the soundtrack of Riley screaming because she does not want to be in her basket, goshdarnit, she just wants to be held). When I've just sat down to eat dinner with the family after being on my feet all day, and Riley cries to be held. When Emma refuses to put her socks and shoes on but we're already running late to leave and I still have to nurse Riley.

And in spite of all those un-photogenic moments, I'm really loving this stage. Baby snuggles, toddler conversations, and all of us being together.

Way to go if you've made it to the end of this post and all my ramblings! I'd love to hear from you:

Whether you're quarantined at home or the pandemic hasn't affected your area...what are you loving these days? 

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