8 Productive Things to Do When Stuck Inside

What to do when you're stuck inside, whether that's because of the coronavirus or because it's winter! Here are some fun and productive things to help you enjoy the time stuck inside. // via @ahopefulhood

I want to feel productive.

I also want to have fun.

But I'm stuck inside/away from people for the next 14 days, or wait, maybe 8 weeks, or wait, maybe forever. Who knows. And after a few days of social isolation, it can really get to you! Your ideas list might be running low, your toddler craft supplies can only be cleaned up so many times before you lose your mind, and you need some inspiration.

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So if you'd stuck at home and have some free time (whether because you're off from work or are done for the day working at home!), here are a few things to feel productive and/or have fun.

The Quarantine Bucket List:
  1. Organize that junk area you always ignore. For me, this is a pile of random items next to our dryer from our move. Seriously, I have a trash bag of random things in my laundry room right now, with MORE random things on top of that. How's that for vulnerability! haha!

  2. Marie-Kondo everything in your wardrobe. All your clothing, out on your bed. Then put back only the things you want to keep, and set aside the things you are going to donate/sell on Poshmark like my amazing friend Stephanie

  3. Rearrange items in your closet (or drawers!) according to color. It'll be pretty to look at and an easy task after you've just purged all that stuff you don't wear anymore!

  4. Rearrange a room of your house. I love looking at a new setup! It's like the fresh feeling of a new haircut, but inside. While quarantined. Inside. Without people......Ok, let's keep going here.

  5. Try a new recipe. Baking or cooking, whichever you want! Check to see if you have most of the ingredients, and then see if you can substitute things you have for the ingredients you don't. Right now, I'm hoping to try a new lentil soup recipe, along with this fun baking recipe!

  6. Memorize a verse on what Jesus says about peace. Anything on this roundup by my friend Jenn is perfect! I'm working on John 16:33. 

  7. Ignore screens for a full hour. Or two hours, if you're not a phone addict like myself. Phones, TVs, all of it. Stretch, read part of a book, sit outside, go for a walk if your area isn't LEGIT quarantined yet, etc. Your brain will probably enjoy a break from all that media consumption (whether that's replying to work emails or catching up on Annie F Downs' podcast!). And how do I know your brain will enjoy a break? SCIENCE. You can't argue with that. 

  8. Watch Jimmy Fallon's nightly shows from home. 

If you're a mom of littles, check out this list of inside activities I posted! Plus I have been loving these preschool activities from @DaysWithGrey on Instagram!

What are you doing during this time of "quarantine"/social distancing? 

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