currently // april 2016

^^unrelated, very staged picture of a plant on a wooden table. burlap items added for bonus points. 

making: curtains....and it's so difficult. measuring, pinning, ironing, glad it's not the 1950s and i'm not expected to sew actual things like clothes. curtains are very forgiving.

wishlisting: a pair of actually not see-through leggings. my maternity leggings are now too baggy (which i guess is a good thing?) but now i'm left with jeans and baggy sweatpants. and maternity leggings.

cleaning: do dishes and laundry count? ha.

posting: one of my new favorite pictures of aiden and me to my instagram. (do we follow each other on instagram yet?)

tasting: new things like chorizo! which i had never cooked with before! here here!

so happy to link up with jenna and anne for the currently linkup :)

what have you been up to lately? 

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