what to bring new moms (and dads!)

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i had so many wonderful friends and family visit us when we were in the hospital and when we came home with aiden, and everyone was so thoughtful and generous! so many people brought us food that we didn't have to cook for AN ENTIRE MONTH after aiden was born. whether your friend is going to have a baby soon or you're about to deliver and don't know what to ask for when people offer (because they always do!), this list is for you:

for visiting in the hospital: 
i realize this doesn't always apply, because not everyone delivers at a hospital or wants guests visiting them so soon after delivery. however, if you're visiting a mom in the hospital, this is what i recommend bringing.

1// food. this could be snacks, breakfast muffins, ready-to-eat dinner one evening...whatever. hospital food is MILDLY palatable, at best, and i was always hungry in the room when the cafeteria was closed!

2// *ibuprofen. not sure if you're allowed to bring this into a hospital (what are the rules???) but i just got my hospital bill, and they charged me for every motrin tablet i took. i wish i had just brought my own!

**save the balloons and flowers for when the mom is at home. they are wonderful! but it gets a little hard to pack up all you brought, your brand new baby, AND make sure bouquets don't get crushed on the way to the car.

for visiting at home: 
1// dinner. lots of people brought us entire dinners in disposable tins, which was great because i didn't have to wash the dishes afterwards. also, separate some of the dinner into single-serve portions. one friend did that for us, and it re-heated SO quickly and could be used as lunch! total game-changer.

2// for the dad: coffee, or dunkin donuts giftcards. this was devin's favorite gift because he loves coffee. if you're running low on sleep, having coffee on hand or a giftcard ready to use is perfect!

3// for the mom: healthy, one-handed snacks to eat during breastfeeding. nursing makes you extra hungry, so to have clementines or a container of blueberries on hand is an easy snack to eat while you feed the baby.

4// a good book to read is also nice to have on hand for nursing (like when she's feeding in the middle of the night and can't watch netflix! ha!).

5// wonderful-smelling candles and body scrub is also a win!

Gift ideas for visiting new moms & dads at home (and in the hospital, too).

a giant thank-you to everyone who congratulated us, brought us gifts, and prayed for us. you're too kind!

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