our love story // part 3

in part 1 of our love story, we met and then dated in high school. by part 2, i was leaving for my freshman year of college. and here we are at part 3, most of the way through my freshman year:

spring break, my freshman year:
 devin bought a ring after i went back to school after my winter break, and when i came home for spring break he couldn't wait any longer--he proposed! (do you see the crazy in all this? my sister is a college freshman and if she got engaged over spring break last month i'd be like NO FREAKING WAY YOU ARE SO YOUNG. but it didn't feel that weird for us; it felt like the natural next step.) most people assumed that engaged at 19 also meant pregnant, but thankfully, those who knew us well knew that wasn't the case :)

the weekend we got engaged.

dating long distance was hard, but being engaged long distance was also hard. we started planning the wedding for after my sophomore year of college, and being torn between two places (loving and enjoying my great friends at gordon while deeply missing my fiance 4 states away) was really difficult. suddenly, there was a deadline on my time at gordon, which meant i tried to make the most of my time in my classes and with my amazing roommates and field hockey friends. 

fall, my sophomore year: i was back and gordon, trying to make the most of my time there. meanwhile, devin was working/saving and bought our little fixer upper (pictured above)! i started looking at schools to transfer to and realized that credits-wise i should do my spring semester sophomore year at a philly school.

he still made time to visit me at gordon, 
even though he was working long hours at his job and on our house! 

spring, my sophomore year: he began working on the house, and i moved back in with my parents (read: got the top bunk in my youngest sister's room #glamorous). all spring we wedding-planned and worked on the house, and in june we got married!!!

if you want to read more about our work on the house, click here (but just to warn you, there are some scary before-and-afters!).

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