spring at the art museum circle

living a short drive from center city philadelphia (do other people not say "center city" when they mean downtown? is that just us?) really has its perks. and by perks i mean beautiful park options. when i was teaching in the city, i loved going to rittenhouse square, especially in the spring.

last week it wasn't 30 degrees like it is now (oops, do i sound bitter? BECAUSE I AM), but instead, it was gloriously sunny and warm. my friend christie and i met up at the free parking along kelly drive (i include these details in case you would like to borrow our idea when you visit philly) and walked along the trail by the river towards the philadelphia art museum.

i love aiden's "nooo mom stahhppp you're embarrassing me" face in this one!

aiden loved the free ride in his stroller (despite his expression in that picture), and i loved getting to exercise with my best friend!

what have you been up to this spring? have you gotten out to enjoy the (hopefully) warmer temps?

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