Currently | October 2019

This is going to be a big month: our little Emmy girl will turn two, we JUST accepted an offer on our old house (but the first two buyers fell through, so part of me isn't holding out too much hope that this will work out either. Is that jaded, or what?!), I'll start the third trimester with baby girl, and we're going to do more fun fall things!

Thank you, Anne, for hosting this link-up!

Currently, I've been...

Baby Girl's nursery. At the old house, the nursery was really small. And the new house?! Oh wait, it's also really small. BUT THAT'S OK BC I KNOW WHAT TO DO. You just have minimal pieces of furniture in the room and use shelving/closet space for the rest! I sort of pictured myself assembling the crib when baby girl was like 4 months old and growing out of her bassinet, but whaddya know, I'm only 25 weeks pregnant and have the crib and changing table all ready.

Emma's full-on sentences and conversations and she's not even two!!! If you ask her a simple yes or no question, she almost always replies with a full sentence: "Do you want your zebra-striped underwear?" "No, I want my unicorn unner-way-er." She and Aiden have the CUTEST conversations together at night in their bunk beds...when they should be sleeping...but still, so dang cute!

The momcut. (NO, NOT THIS "MOM CUT," KAREN. THIS ONE.) I just shared on Instagram that I've got an appointment next week to chop some of my insanely long hair off. The drastic haircut is what I do, rinse and repeat. (Here's proof: I did the same thing 4 years ago.)

A make-up table for my bedroom (similar)! Devin got it for me as a birthday present because 1) he's the sweetest and 2) I need somewhere besides the top of his dresser for all my jewelry/makeup. (I don't have a dresser because my drawers are under the bed and most of my clothes is hanging in our closet). Just having another piece of furniture we really like makes the room feel like it's coming together! He hung curtains and a few photos, and once we get a carpet and some shelves (for succulents, what else) I'll be sharing the whole master bedroom reveal!

A few products I've been loving, but despite any cynicism you might have about sponsored posts, these are all things I'm GENUINELY loving. This Bona mop really does make cleaning the floors so easy, these snacks are a new personal favorite of mine, and I can't stop wearing these hypoallergenic earrings.

Now tell me what you've been up to recently!

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