Simple After School Routine

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We officially have a preschooler on our hands! Up til now, everyone's "back to school" posts haven't applied to me, except that I was a teacher for a few years before I had Aiden so then I was the one going "back to school." And suddenly, here I am with drop-off and pick-up times and a small backpack hanging in my entryway.

Aiden was a little nervous the first two weeks, telling me "I hate school!" and "School is stupid!" before arriving at his class (and more funny things he says is in this post!). I shared on Instagram that he even told me "there was a little water in my eyes because I was nervous when you left, but I was brave" on his first day. Gahh! I don't share those things to embarrass him, but because he's already come such a long way since then. He acts a little apprehensive before I drop him off, but when I pick him up, he has SO many stories about what they did that day and who he played with!

Besides bringing a whole new set of toddler emotions to navigate through, the start of school also brought a whole new world of daily routines I hadn't had before. For the past 3 years that I've been a stay-at-home mom, I've made our schedule for the day: play dates with friends, adventures to local zoos and farms, running errands when it's convenient for us. And now? 3 days a week, I have to be somewhere! At a specific time! With two kids! Who are dressed and fed!

That's one reason I'm newly obsessed with McCain® Veggie Taters™. They help our after-school routine go so much more smoothly and don't allow time for hangry kids to lose it. When I pick Aiden up, it's lunchtime, so I need a snack that's good for them to keep him and Emma content while I prepare lunch.
The kids' after-school routine is simple: 

  1. Arrive home, put your shoes and backpack away in the front closet. 
  2. Use the bathroom.
  3. Eat a wholesome snack & lunch. 
  4. Rest time in bed. 

This really basic routine helps Aiden and Emma both decompress after the busy morning of school (for Aiden) and adventures with me (for Emma). They know what to expect when we arrive home, and they get something nutritious as soon as possible since it's lunchtime. McCain® Veggie Taters™ taste great, my kids called them "rocks" and were all "Mom look at this big rock I'm eating!" which made them smile so big!

Another reason I love McCain® Veggie Taters™ is that they don't have anyyyy artificial flavors, plus they're made with real, actual veggies. The McCain® Veggie Taters™ are potato-based (which my mom tells me means they're high in potassium!) with other veggies + cheese to drive the flavor. I genuinely LOVE the Potato, Broccoli & Cheddar flavor and sneakily finished their extras when they went down for a nap. It's a simple, playful way to get the whole family to enjoy veggies...(their Spinach + Asiago Veggie Taters totally sound fancy enough to be an adult dish! Besides a snack, this would be great for appetizers and side dishes, too!)

You guys, I'm such a fan of these easy, wholesome afterschool snacks that I finished the kids' extras when they went down for naps. No joke.

Use this coupon for $1 off until 11/11 at your local Wakefern, Shaw’s, and DeMoulas (for me, that was the ShopRite that's now close to our new house!). 

What were some of your favorite after-school things as a kid? What snacks have you been loving lately? 

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