The Philadelphia Zoo

I'm currently on vacation in Colorado (did you see my open invitation to move here with me?!), but I wanted to share a favorite spot back home in Philly.

I went to the zoo this summer with my sisters-in-law, and we had such a blast taking Aiden through each exhibit. It reminded me of school trips to the zoo and getting to go with my family when we were little, so it was really cool to go back and see all the new changes! Plus, my one sister had a membership so we all got in for "free."

There's a new system of walkways that go all around the zoo, and depending on the time, animals can go through. As you're headed to see the penguins, you can see the cougars walking through an enclosed, clear "tunnel" right by you! It's awesome. Plus, I love getting to see the different rock features and "habitats" they've created.

What are your favorite museums/places in your town? Have you ever gotten a membership to a zoo near you? 

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