Aiden // 6-ish months

Aiden can do so much more since the 3 month update I wrote. 

Here's what he's been up to: 

--He can easily roll over front to back and vice versa. 

--He can push himself up into a push-up position like he's about to crawl. 

--He pivots around when laid on his stomach! Like pre-crawling. Is that a thing?

--He's started eating real food: cucumber slices, canteloupe cut into sticks, 1 French fry, raw carrots and apples to suck on...(It's all so exciting to watch him discover the food, though it sort of resembles watching a stroke victim learn to feed themselves. You just want to do it for him instead of watch him struggle, but he is getting good at grasping the food and getting it to his mouth!)

--He cries when you set him down, which is rough but shows how attached he is to us :)

--In just the past week, he has started decided sleep was for wimps and he should wake up 5 times a night. I just read this article on gradually getting the kid to fall asleep by himself, which hopefully will allow him to not freak out and cry if he wakes up during the night (he's been all, "Why am I by myself now when I fell asleep nursing in your arms?! Where'd you goooo?!). 

--He laughs A LOT, especially when Devin kisses his stomach and makes silly faces. 

How did you get your baby to sleep through the night? Any fun baby stories you want to share?!

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