Bonfire Nights

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Devin and I have been talking about getting a fire pit since we moved in over the summer. We had fires at our old house before we had even moved in (and here's some delightful proof from 2012! Gotta love the awkward old blog archives!). Our old house had veryyy little grass in the backyard, so our best/most recent fire pit was just a hole we dug with rocks around it. We weren't worried about messing up the yard, since it was already such a patchy yard. (It made it easier to burn scrap wood, fallen branches, and other home renovation wooden leftovers!) At the new house, we have actual grass! A yard that gets sunshine and doesn't require 15 gallons of bug spray just to go out amidst the mosquitoes? YES PLZ.

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The other night, Devin got us an actual, official, non-yard-ruining fire pit (similar), and we had our first bonfire at the new house!

The kids were outside with us while he first got the fire going, and they LOVED. IT. We were careful to teach them about staying away from the fire pit, and they were such good listeners. After running around the yard, they both sat next to me under a blanket (this $11 blanket scarf for the win!)--which never happens!

After we put them to bed, Devin and I headed back outside to enjoy the rest of the fire. There is something so relaxing about turning on music, sitting back, and watching a fire. We didn't look at our phones, and hanging out outside in the cool air felt like quintessential fall.

Wherever you are, whether it's too hot for a fire or there isn't a good spot for a firepit: get outside, without your phone. Look up at the stars, or go for a walk during the day. It's so freeing, so refreshing.

absolutely need to set my phone down more often.

And here's a friendly reminder (to myself, hi) to do that.

What are some of your favorite fall activities? When was the last time you had a bonfire?

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